Zwilling Pour Homme 3 Piece Face and Nail Grooming Kit

Best Travel Gift for Grooming on the Go

Why people love it
  • High-quality grooming tools and case
  • Elegant design for luxury on the move
  • Users fall in love with everything

The three tools were created with precision in mind – and presented in an Italian leather case.

The nose trimmers are manually operated. Bummer.


This brand is all about quality and precision. Although this is a basic set, it will last you an extraordinarily long time. And, it's worth the investment if you need a travel set to bounce around the world with you.

Perfect for travel, this three piece luxury grooming kit consists of essential, quality, and precision grooming tools beautifully packaged in an elegant brown neat's leather case. It features a stainless steel twinox slim line folding nail clipper for precision clipping, tainless steel nail file to shape and smooth nail edges, and stainless steel rotary ear and nose hair trimmer with a brush for a neat, well-groomed look.

Don't need the nose hair trimmer? This men's manicure set is rather stylish too. 

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