Why people love it
  • Pockets and space for everything
  • Gorgeous (accurately described) colors
  • Super functional; keeps everything organized

These gorgeous wallets feature RFID protection and have pockets for everything you need to be organized while traveling. It also comes at a great price.  

Coin compartment and ticket holder aren’t as useful as they could be. Some of the pocket ideas (such as for your phone and USB) are smaller than desired.


Why she’ll love it: Any woman that travels frequently – especially internationally – will fall head over heels for this wallet. For a start, it’s crazy good looking.

But it’s really more about the organization which boils down to all those pockets, including: passport, boarding pass, 3 credit cards, ID, sim card, coupon ticket, money, coin and even a cellphone pocket. There’s also key and pen holders.  

To make it even more exciting, the whole thing features RFID protection and comes at a stellar price. It’s so perfect that she’ll (just like many others) use it every day.

Price: The MSRP is $28, but you’ll pay around $13 on Amazon which means you’ll be able to pick up a few or put something away for your next vacation.

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