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Best Security Pet Camera

Why people love it
  • Easy to set up and connect to WiFi; reliable connection
  • Great as both pet camera and home security system
  • Affordable, decent quality of video and image, and long-lasting

Compatible with home security systems, 1080p HD video, 360-degree field of view, door and window sensors included, Bluetooth speaker, reliable connection, built-in motion detection, two-way audio, and no monthly fees.

Motion sensor is a bit over-sensitive, and the software and updates are reportedly problematic.


Performance: If you want to buy a pet camera that can double as a home security camera, this is the one for you! Thanks to its 1080p HD camera, 360-degree field of view, and built-in motion sensor, you can keep an eye on your home. The app will give you readings on the room temperature and humidity, enabling you to turn up the A/C or heating if it gets too hot/cold.

The motion sensor is a bit over-sensitive, so you may have to turn it down to avoid receiving notifications every time your dog or cat walks around. However, the connection is highly reliable and the app is easy to use. You'll find set-up is a breeze, even connecting the device to your WiFi network or to your smartphone's Bluetooth connection (for playing music).

Features: The camera comes with 16 GB of internal storage space, allowing you to record video to watch later. Sadly, the storage can't be expanded, but you can transfer video to your computer or mobile devices to free up storage space.

The built-in speaker allows you to talk to your dog, and your dog can answer back via the two-way audio. The camera can actually scan the room from side to side, giving you a full view of your home (and any messes made while you were away).

Bonus: the camera comes with a door and window sensor to add to your home security system.

Price: At $100, this is a beautiful combination of a pet camera and security camera. It's also the most affordable solution on our list!

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