Zippo Hand Warmer (12-Hour)

Best Cheap Ski and Snowboard Gadget

Why people love it
  • Maintains its temperature the entire time
  • Perfect for all cold weather activities
  • You will never go back to disposable hand warmers again

A quick and easy way to stay warm for hours on the slopes. 

Once you light it, the hand warmer doesn't shut off. It stays warm for the entire length of time. 


Performance: Now you can stay out longer on the slopes, just take your Zippo along. This compact hand warmer fits into the smallest pockets and stays warm for up to 12 hours. Not to worry though, this heat is flameless and instead uses a catalytic burner which is totally safe. Unlike the disposable warmers, the Zippo stays the same temperature for the entire 12 hours. The metal construction makes it rugged and durable -just like you. 

Features: This hand warmer fits into the smallest of pockets thanks to the sleek design. All of the sides are rounded for comfort and it comes with a soft black pouch designed to prevent this product from getting scratched. The 12-hour warmer is 3.9 inches tall while the 6-hour warmer is 2.9 inches. So, if you're looking for something on the smaller side, go with the 6-hour. This handy gadget somes in five colors including black, silver, white, pink, and camo. 

Price: At $15, this is one of the cheapest gadgets on our list. And, you can't beat Zippo quality. However, one thing to note is that the fluid is sold separately. 

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