With this tool, you'll always have what you need, as it comes with a bow saw, a hatchet, a stake puller and a mallet.

  • Dual function cover; saw handle & safety sheath
  • 2 rugged wood saw blades
  • Achieve perfect tension

It's frustrating to camp without the right tools, as it can be difficult to set up the tents, chop wood, start a fire and everything else too.

What Reviewers Say:

Not sure what other people think of this gadget? Here are a few of their thoughts:

  • It comes with 2 saw blades so I'm happy about having an extra blade. The saw works perfectly like you would want it to as does the mallet. The hatchet is sharp and works well for spliting kindling but isn't good for spliting wood as it has no taper in the blade. I wish the "woodsman" was made in USA like zippos lighters are but as a whole I like this hatchet.
  • We took this saw on our BWCA(Boundary Waters Canoe Area) trip and used it every day. It is a little heavy but that is ok cause it is very durable and was easy to pack. We really liked the versatility of it. We used it as an axe, hammer and saw.
  • This tool is awesome! Works really well. I love it.

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