ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitcher for Heavy Metals

Why people love it
  • Highly effective at removing heavy metals like lead and chromium
  • Well-priced, very durable, and conveniently sized
  • 10-cup capacity

Pricey replacement filters.


Pitcher Size: The pitcher is capable of holding 10 cups of water, which is enough for a family meal. Though it's not the largest pitcher on our list, it's well-designed and sized to fit in most fridges. It's fairly lightweight even when full, and the built-in handle makes for easy serving.

Filtration: The 5-stage filtration Ion Exchange System ensures 0.00 PPM of total dissolved solids of heavy metals. It's also the only NSF-certified filter pitcher to remove 99.6% of lead and chromium. For those worried about contaminated tap water, this highly effective filtration system is the one to buy.

The filtration system produces water on par with the FDA's definition of "purified bottled water", and it will improve the taste of your water, leaving it tasting clean and crisp.

Other Features: The pitcher comes with a battery-powered TDS meter that analyzes the TDS quality of your water. Simply put, it will let you know when the water is safe to drink.

Price: The pitcher is one of the better-priced options at $28, with a highly effective filtration system and convenient, durable design. Definitely one of the best water filter pitcher options on our list.

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