Best Dash Cam Overall

Z-Edge 3" Screen 2K Ultra Full HD
  • Video quality is beyond excellent
  • Excellent storage space for 6-10 hours of video
  • Easy to install and use; highly user-friendly design
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2K HD camera, automatic operation, broad field of view, excellent zoom with minimal distortion, 30 FPS, energy-saving design, manual and automatic video deletion prevention, parking and driving mode, clear color CMOS image sensor, crystal LCD screen, powered by USB and battery, and includes a 32 GB SD card for storing all your video files.

Lacks quality night vision, and the mount design is slightly flawed.


Performance: If you want a dash cam that delivers quality performance at an excellent price, you won't find better than this!

First off, the dash cam records in 2K ultra high quality HD, with a 2560 X 1080p definition and a frame rate of 30 FPS. You'll get crystal clear footage of everything going on around you. While the camera suffers a bit in low-light environment (night vision is rubbish), during the day there is no denying that the recording quality is well above par.

The 145-degree field of view ensures the camera sees everything going on around you. The mount design may be a bit iffy, but the dash cam is beautifully easy to install and start using right out of the box. The LCD screen is scratch-resistant and compact, with both USB and battery power to ensure consistent operation.

Features: This is a feature-rich dash cam. It's designed with multiple manual and automatic safeguards to ensure your stored footage isn't accidentally deleted. You'll find it's easy to remove the SD card and pass the video to your computer. The dash cam switches on and off with your car ignition, and there's a built-in energy-saving design to reduce power consumption. The built-in accelerometer and G-sensor turns on the camera before a collision to record every moment of the accident. There's even a parking mode to record what's going on around your car to ensure that it's protected overnight or while in the parking lot.

Price: At $110, this is one of the best-priced dash cams on our list. Not only is the price tag affordable, but the operation is reliable and user-friendly. It's definitely the overall best dash cam around!


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