Why people love it
  • Subtle but memorable scent
  • Almost smells bubbly like champagne
  • Very feminine

Many customers complain about this scent not lasting the whole day. 


Scent: There's a unique and sensual blend of notes here that make this scent wonderfully sweet. With a mix of fruit (strawberry, raspberry, pear, and orange) and musky scents (like patchouli, crystal moss, and white musk) many wearers say this perfume reminds them of the smell of champagne.

Occasion: With this being such a light and subtle scent, you really could wear this perfume whenever and wherever you want.

Price: The main problem with a perfume that costs this much is the lack of longevity in the scent. Perhaps it's because it's such a light scent to begin with, but many customers agree that it just doesn't last long enough.

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