Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Best Women's Perfume Overall

Why people love it
  • Warm, sexy, and irresistible
  • Wearers exude luxury and mystery
  • Smells deliciously sweet
  • 100% authentic; lower priced than department stores

Black Opium by YSL is easily the best perfume for women overall, as it has a fantastic scent for…well, everybody. Depending on what size you buy, it’s pretty affordable. Black Opium has an irresistibly sweet aroma that turns heads of wearers and smellers alike.

None that we can find. Just make sure you are buying from a reputable seller if you purchase on Amazon, some sellers are not authentic.


Scent: An addictive combination of white floral, mixed with base notes of coffee, vanilla, and cedarwood. Sweet, sensual, and unexpectedly soft. 

Occasion: Black Opium is a very versatile fragrance. The softness from the white flowers and vanilla makes it a great choice for the day, while the deep tones of coffee and cedarwood make it appropriate for evening wear as well.

This is a warmer scent, so it probably works best in the colder months. Additionally, it's incredibly long-lasting, so you can wear from morning until night.

Price: Just over $100 for a 3-ounce bottle is actually a heck of a deal. Plus, you won't need much of this to make an impact, so this bottle should last a very long time.

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