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  • Features one utility pocket (for your wallet or phone)
  • Extra large crotch allowing for full range of motion
  • Inspired by a traditional martial arts Gi pant



The pants hang to mid-calf, but they are a good-looking pair of comfortable Yoga bottoms! They're built for long-lasting performance and even come with a smartphone-sized pocket.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I had been searching for an alternative to the common yoga shorts and pants for men. I often wear regular workout shorts and have some fine shorts by the big yoga brands, but just wanted something different and frankly more masculine. The YOGiiZA pants are awesome. The have plenty of room for any movement, they are made of heavy canvas like a karate pant so they can take repeated daily practice. The waste has a drawstring that loops around in a way that insures a tight fit that won't come off. I really like the design and look of the pants, they fit well in a Yoga class but are different. Just what I wanted.
  • This is the first article of yoga-specific clothing I've purchased. I practice hot power yoga, so I wasn't looking to get some sweatpant material. This material, while a little stiff at first, is pretty nice. They're great for poses like side-crow when you're sweating bullets. Plus, they look sweet. The drawstrings are a little weird to get the hang of, but they're not too annoying.
  • I really like these! They are like gi pants but a bit more stylish. Very comfortable for yoga or meditation. They might get a little heavy for a hot yoga class.
    I wear them when I teach yoga now. Great for demo or moving around the class.

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