YogaAddict Men's Yoga Pants

Most Comfortable Men's Yoga Pants

Why people love it
  • Stays in place during inversions and handstands
  • Waistband is thick and substantially stretchy
  • Look cool and feel great

Affordable and stylish cotton yoga pants that are perfect for everyday wear or practice. With their soft feel and sleek design, they're guarnateed to provide all-day comfort!

Pockets are shallow - ideal only for a key or hand-warming.


Quality: The YogaAddict Men's Yoga Pants are created using a combination of cotton and spandex. The fabric is somewhat thick, super soft, and smooth. Since these are designed with a thicker, cotton fabric, these pants are ideal for everyday wear and yoga practice during the cooler monthes. Also, they hold up really well to frequent use and washing while remaining true to size.

Style: These yoga pants come in dark brown, grey, navy, and black, giving you plenty of color choices. Their two outside pockets are a tad on the small side, so they're not great for carrying everything you take to class (bring a bag!). The drawstring waistband will keep them snugly in place as you bend, twist, and flex, and you'll love that they're loose enough to flow free without being baggy or droopy. You'll love how they look and feel, and you're definitely going to be tempted to wear them all day long.

Price: At $45, these yoga pants are slightly on the pricier side! However, they're incredibly comfy, stylish, and long lasing, making them absolutely worth every dollar.

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