Yoga Crow Mens Swerve Shorts

Best Mens Yoga Shorts Overall

Why people love it
  • They feel luxurious, and will make you want to put them on
  • Material is high-quality
  • These shorts keep everything in place and are comfortable to wear

A slimmer (but not tight) fit, stretchy fabric, pockets, and a built-in boxer-brief make these shorts a dude pleaser.

Can't be thrown in the dryer - must hang dry. 


The Swerve Yoga Short by Yoga Crow, defines what it means to be a yoga short. We're not talking basketball shorts with a fancy name -- this is a short, made by men, specifically for yoga. Plus, the shorts are made in the good ol' U.S.A. Yoga Crew is a small, independent company, so don't be surprised if you get a handwritten note from the owner with your order.

Material: The Swerve shorts are created using a blend of Nylon & Polyester which combines a 4-way stretch-ability with moisture wicking technology. What sets these bad boys apart from the rest? They feature an odor-resistant inner liner that will keep you odor free. Though, we do recommend you wash them after each use! The outer material is soft and flexible and moves with your body, while the inner is lined with a secure boxer brief ensuring your man goods are safely covered. It really is the perfect combination.

Fit, length, and features: The shorts run on the smaller side and are meant to be slimmer so extra fabric does not get in the way of your practice. So don't be surprised if they seem a little tight. Not to mention, it will give the ladies something to look at during class. They come in a variety of color combinations, including black, heather grey, blue, dark green, and maroon. Guys love how versatile these shorts are - ideal for lounging, stretching, and downward dog. 

Quality: These five-star rated shorts are made with quality in mind. Guys everywhere claimed that these shorts felt high quality and lasted far longer than others on the market. Another feature we love are the well-made seams and waistband. They are flat, creating a no bunch, no fuss practice.

Price: At $69, the Swerve Yoga Short is not the cheapest pair of shorts on our list; however, they are mid-range compared to others and are a steal for the quality. These shorts will hold up for years and are well worth the investment. Get multiple pairs, you will not regret it.

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