Best Filterless Pour Over Coffee Maker

Yitelle Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Cone Dripper
  • Never bother buying filters again
  • Durable, reliable, and super easy to use
  • Well-made, cleaning is a breeze
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 Doesn’t require coffee filters, easy to use, rubber handle protects your fingers from the heat, compatible with most coffee cups, no more coffee ground in your brew, super easy to clean, dishwasher safe, comes with ultra fine cleaning brush

Just makes one cup of coffee at a time, incompatible with very finely ground coffee



This coffee maker is designed to be all you’ll ever need—it comes with its own built-in ultra-fine steel mesh strainer that will eliminate the need for paper filters. It’s cone-shaped like most of the other filters on our list, so it’ll be a brewing process you’re familiar with. The base of the stainless steel coffee maker fits on most mugs, and you’ll find it makes churning out a great cup of coffee just that much cheaper and easier.


Thanks to the built-in filter, you’ll find that it takes a matter of seconds to fill the coffee maker with your ground and pour in the water. The micro-mesh funnel strainer will keep your coffee free of grounds while still allowing all those delicious coffee oils to pass through into the brew. The quality of the brew is on par with every other coffee maker on our list.  

Fair warning: if you like a VERY fine grind on your coffee (espresso), you’ll find that some of the powder will seep through the strainer.


The coffee maker comes with a silicone rubber handle that is heat-resistant, making it safe for you to grab the steel coffee maker without burning your hands (steel heats up quickly). The ultra-fine micro-mesh filter is easy to clean, and you can throw it in the dishwasher if you really want to get out the coffee residue. It also comes with a cleaning brush capable of scrubbing coffee out of the filter.


At $16, this is a very well-priced coffee maker, one that delivers high quality at a cost you can love. It also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty so you can always get a replacement if your coffee maker is damaged or dented.


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