YETI Tundra 65 Cooler

Gift for Your Best Friend (male)

Why people love it
  • Great multi-purpose cooler for the man who likes to have cold beverages or snacks at the ready
  • Works well in hot or cold weather
  • Solidly built

Your best friend doesn’t need to be an outdoorsman to appreciate this cooler. Whether they love to hunt, camp, tailgate at local sports’ events, or hang out by the pool, they’ll love this sturdy cooler.

This cooler gets really heavy once it’s been stocked up (so consider getting a smaller version if your friend wants to haul this around). Some customers have complained about the lid warping on this cooler, too.


Meaningfulness: This built-tough cooler will make for a great Christmas gift for the friend who appreciates a practical and useful gift.

Originality: When you think about all the gifts you could give to your best friend (the hikers, the workaholics, or even the road warriors), I don’t know that a cooler is typically the first gift you’d consider.

Price: This is definitely an expensive gift, but you get what you pay for with these sort of things. The 41-liter version of this is only $20 cheaper, so you might as well go for the upgrade.

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