yeacar Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

Best Lightweight Inflatable Couch

Why people love it
  • Holds air for at least 6 hours
  • Fun patterns
  • Comfortable design

Doesn’t require an air pump. Supports up to 500 pounds despite its lightweight design.

Hard to set up until you practice a few times. Small side pocket.


Design: If you’re looking for a lightweight lounger you can bring to concerts and festivals, this is the right inflatable sofa for you. The yeacar inflatable air lounger weighs just 2.6 pounds yet adequately supports up to 500 pounds. When you’re done with the sofa, just fold it into the included backpack and head home.

Recline confidently on this multilayer sofa. It’s built to handle wet or dry terrain, so you can float in the pool or lay out under the stars in a grassy field. It’s also appropriate for indoor use.

Reviewers praise the fun, vibrant patterns for yeacar loungers. With catchy names like Starry Sky, Dreamy Ocean, and Colorful Candy, it’s easy to see the appeal.

Comfort: This inflatable couch doesn’t have much of a back, so consider that if you need lots of spinal support. Aside from that, it’s super comfortable while inflated, even if several people sit on it at once. If you lay on your back, take advantage of the slightly raised top and rest your neck.

Ease of Use: As with other inflatable couches, this one requires practice. After that, you should be able to inflate it within minutes by shaking air into the chambers. Make sure you roll the closed ends at least 5 times to keep air from escaping.

Price: Expect to shell out $45 to $55 depending on your preferred pattern. The Starry Sky option is a hit with reviewers.

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