Yale Key-Free Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt

Most User-Friendly Smart Lock

Why people love it
  • Slim design makes it a perfect addition to apartments/condos
  • Up to 25 different user codes available
  • Durable, feels solid

No application available for remote control/access.


Design: This is a simple, sturdy lock that is built to last. It has a rubber gasket to protect it from rain, snow, and sleet, making it an ideal lock for outdoor use. With a satin nickel, brass, or bronze finish, it's a good-looking locking mechanism.

Note: Security rating is ANSI-2, only the second-highest.

Installation: Installation is a bit more challenging than some of the locks on this list, but the instruction manual will walk you through the process without too much fuss. Just be patient when setting up the Z-Wave feature--it can take a while to connect.

Performance: With this lock, you can have up to 25 different access codes, allowing for multiple users to enter with their own unique code. The programming is quick and easy, done via the touchscreen. Audio voice prompts will make it easy to set up.

Be warned: the lock must be connected to an existing Z-Wave home automation system, and can only be remote-controlled via the third-party app. There is no app to control the smart lock; if you don't have a Z-Wave system, you can only lock/unlock via the keypad. It's a beautifully simple lock to operate--enter your 4 to 8-digit code, and you're in! The one-touch lock and auto-lock features ensure that your home is safe!

The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries, but should they run out of juice, there is a place at the bottom of the lock where you can touch a 9V battery to give it enough power to enter the master code. You'll get about 1 year of use from the AA batteries.

Price: For the nearly $200 price tag, this is a decent option. You'll pay more than you would for other similar locking systems, but what makes it a good choice is the fact that it's so easy to program and operate!

What Reviewers Say:

  • "I love this lock. It was very easy to install and works great with my Samsung Smarthub. It opens by key, code or smartphone. I am using the front door to enter my home more often, just so I can use this lock!"
  • "This lock is fantastic. It's a little intimidating when you open the package, but it is actually fairly straightforward. The only thing I didn't do which was optional was replace the equipped lock cylinder (I didn't have a compatible one - and was hoping to reuse a cylinder from an existing lock). Programming is easy, I think repeating your menu selection as you select options is a little annoying but given there are not LCDs and stuff, the reiteration is probably necessary for more. I downloaded the manual in PDF form and store in on OneDrive for quick reference - the booklet is otherwise too small to keep around safely. It looks great, it works flawlessly after two months, and is fun to use - if I can say such a thing about a lock. I'm probably going to get another to put on my garage side entry. Great work Yale, love it!"
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