The XOO Belt isn't just any wearable; It's a fashionable one worth wearing. These designer belts allow you to charge you phone hands free using a universal low-profile micro-to-USB charging cable (or optional Lightning adaptor). 


Finally own a wearable stylish enough to wear with all your favorite outfits. XOO Belts are designed in collaboration with men's fashion house Casely-Hayford, and come in both a Classic XOO and Casely-Hayford design options. Each belt charger hosts 6 layers of overlapping flexible battery packs - enough power to fully charge an iPhone 6 with some additional power left over. Even better, they are designed with next generation Litium Ceramic Polymer battery, making the belts not only ultra safe, but also resistent to water and wear and tear. Plus, you can wear virtually it anywhere: Bar, Train, Hiking, Office, and more. 

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