XinHe In-Car Survival Kit

Best Christmas Gift for Prepared Men

Why people love it
  • Includes everything you need to survive anywhere
  • Always have the right tools for any emergency situation
  • Durable, reliable, and easy to use

Case isn't waterproof and batteries not included.


Details: If he wants to be prepared for anything, this in-car survival kit is just what he'll love this Christmas. It comes with all the tools needed to survive in emergency situations: a thermal blanket, key-ring flashlight (batteries not included), tungsten steel pen, pliers, saw, whistle, compass, knife, and fire starter. All of the tools are packed into a case that is compact, fairly lightweight, and easy to fit in any backpack or bag. However, it's intended to be carried in your car, and it's small enough that it will fit in your glove compartment or under your car seats.

Though the case isn't waterproof, it's durable and will protect your survival tools from damage. Definitely a handy item to have in case of any emergencies!

Price: At $22, this is a great little gift that he will love. He'll need to stock up on batteries for the various devices, but other than that, it's a kit ready to be used in any situation.

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