WWII Kissing Sailor & Nurse

Most Versatile Adult Halloween Costume

Why people love it
  • Consider this a three-in-one costume idea
  • Have an excuse to kiss your sweetie all night
  • Comfortable

If you’re not familiar with the iconic World War II sailor kissing a nurse on the streets of Time Square, check this out. It’s a scene many Americans are familiar with, which makes this costume a fun one to play around with since it’s basically three costumes in one: a sailor, a vintage-dressed nurse, and the WWII sailor kissing that nurse.

Since this isn’t an official couples costume, you’ll have to purchase everything separately. You can find the man’s sailor costume here and the woman’s vintage nurse costume here.


Comfort: This is probably one of the more comfortable Halloween costumes you could get stuck in all night. So long as you’re comfortable making out in public all night, you shouldn’t have any problems staying comfortable.

Longevity: Relationships come and go, but this costume… This costume could last forever.

Price: Considering you’re having to buy two separate costumes, this is pretty good deal.

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