Why people love it
  • Slices through the meat smoothly and effortlessly
  • Well-balanced design and feel
  • Blade remains sharp for a long time

Wüsthof’s known for making great knives, but this “Classic” set is the one most loved by customers and reviewers alike. If your goal is to find a ridiculously sharp knife that will cut through any meat, and you’re less concerned with finding something that meshes well with formal flatware, then these are the best steak knives for you.

Be very careful about who you buy these from. Knockoffs abound.


Sharpness: You probably won’t find a stronger, sharper, or more durable blade than the ones on these.

Feel: These knives are seamlessly designed, so these will feel incredible to hold. The blade and handle are also well-balanced, so you won’t get any complaints from small-handed, large-handed, or arthritic-handed users. Everyone who eats in your home will find these easy to use.

Price: Surprisingly, these are not the most expensive knives on this list. That being said, they’re not cheap either.

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