Wooden Plank Plaque

Best Gift for a Pinterest Junkie Girlfriend

Why people love it
  • Holds paint well
  • Includes a hanger
  • Ideal for crafts

Some reviewers say they wish different sizes were available.


Details: Plank wall art is popular on Pinterest, but if you’re reading this right now, odds are high your girlfriend isn’t about to create her own planks from scraps of lumber. No biggie - that’s why companies like Hampton Art take the hassle out of DIY projects with products like this customizable plank plaque.

This plank plaque makes an excellent gift if your partner is into rustic decor or likes to create handmade decorations for loved ones. She can stain the wood, paint it, nail stuff into it, and do just about anything else that suits her style.

Price: Expect to spend around $15 for this 12 x 12 plank plaque. That’s a great deal when you consider the alternative: She (or you, rather) starts from scratch, sawing and sanding scraps of wood to perfection.

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