Wonder Woman

Trendiest Women's Halloween Costume

Why people love it
  • Very strong and sexy Halloween costume choice
  • You’ll be an instant hit
  • Well made

You’ll want to make sure you’re inside when you wear this as there isn’t much to keep you warm.


Comfort: The costume looks like it’s made well enough. The one problem that may arise, however, is slippage. So, make sure you have one of the best strapless bras to hold you in place and you shouldn’t run into issues.

Longevity: Wonder Woman will continue to show up on the big screen as she takes part in the DC universe of movies, at the very least, for the next few years. And seeing as she’s been a strong role model for decades anyway… Well, this is a costume you can repurpose every year if you really wanted to.

Price: A little expensive, especially considering it doesn’t come with a wig.

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