Womanizer Deluxe

Best Vibrator Overall

Why people love it
  • Clitoral suction and pressure (not your standard vibrator)
  • Intense and near-instant orgasms
  • Small and portable

While this isn’t a vibrator in the traditional sense, it serves the same purpose and deserves a spot on this list. So if you’re looking for a touch-less experience that will do amazingly wonderful things to your clit, give this a shot.

Maybe don’t go this route if money is tight right now.


Noise Level: While it’s not as loud as a vacuum cleaner, you’re still dealing with a suction effect instead of a vibration… so this can get noisy.

Stimulation: This goes straight on your clitoris.

Strength: There are eight different intensity settings, so you or your partner can play around with what works best at any given time.

Special Features: Small and portable. Non-traditional “pleasure device”.

Price: This one’s definitely up there in price, but women (and their partners) really seem to love it.

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