Best Kitchen Gadget for Winter Evenings

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven Rotisserie Series
  • This is a real time saver!
  • Keeps food moist and tender
  • Amazing results

Not only does this kitchen gadget cook foods up to 70 percent faster, but it is also one of the most flavorful means of cooking. Food just doesn't dry out!

This isn't the easiest unit to operate - please read the instructions carefully. And, never operate this oven and leave it unattended - it's not a slow cooker (it's a fast cooker)!


This isn't just a pressure oven. It's the rotisserie version of a pressure cooker. Basically, it's all kinds of fun. And, it cooks food up to 70% faster! This is perfect for the winter months when you can't get out to the grill, but you still need to baste and cook. A rotisserie oven is a man's appliance if there ever was one.

What’s it used for? You get 6-function versatility with this baby. And that means you can use it as a rotisserie oven or a broiler. It also roasts, toasts, bakes, and warms food. You could probably get rid of all those other fiddly appliances in your kitchen once you get this. 

Is it easy to use? Users report it being deadly simple, but we really think you need to spend some time with the manual for this gadget. It's a lot better than a kitchen fire, don't you think? 

Dishwasher-safe? No, it's the sort of thing you wipe down. And you'll want to make sure you check for grease on a regular basis. 

Will it break the bank? This appliance will fit under your upper cabinets, but it will still fit a 14-pound turkey or a ridiculous number of pizzas. It's also pressurized and moisture-sealed and is just generally handy to have around. But is it cheap? No. Sorry. 



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