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Some drinkers believe this tastes a little too artificial. And, after the redesign, the “plastickish” top allows a few fine grounds into the coffee.


Let’s be clear, not everyone likes flavored coffees. If you’re one of the scoffers, you shouldn’t go anywhere near this K-Cup. It’s really not for you. Sure, experiment with a vanilla flavor, but leave the island coconut flavor alone.

However, most people that try this blend from Wolfgang Puck fall in love instantly. Many rate it as the best flavored coffee they’ve ever tasted. Why not? The aroma is exquisite while brewing (and walking around the house with your morning mug of essential coffee. And, the sweet taste of roasted coconut lingers as you drink.

You may know this particular coffee better as Jamaica Me Crazy. That’s what it used to be called; Wolfgang Puck changed the name and the branding recently – leaving lots of people to believe they would never experience their favorite K-Cup compatible, flavored coffee again. The good news is that the manufacturer says the name and branding are the only things that changed. The bad news is that some drinkers just don’t believe them. Perhaps the redesign did affect the brew. But, it’s still damn good.

  • Flavor: If flavored coffees are your thing, this island-flavored blend is sure to leave you craving more… constantly.
  • Body: It’s a light to medium roast, though definitely more on the medium side. Jamaican Me Crazy has a balanced acidity without any bitterness.
  • Aroma: 5/5 Wow! This is where it gets good. While brewing (and walking around the house with your mug), you’ll smell the subtle, sweet aroma of coconut mixed with coffee.
  • Price: You’ll pay about 66 cents per K-Cup. That’s expensive. Though it’s still cheaper than buying flavored coffees at the café. But, we think the price could be better.

Bottom Line: It’s a little more expensive than most of us would like to pay for a K-Cup, but it does have the benefit of being totally recyclable. There are a lot of people that will pay more for that. And, if you love flavored brews, this medium roast will make you happier than you ever knew you could be.

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