Wolf Tattoo Designs for Men

Wolf Tattoo Designs for Men

Wolves hold a significant place in many cultures around the world. People see wolves as symbols of strength, courage, and ferocity in battle. That being said, wolves are a favorite tattoo design now is unsurprising.

If you’re looking for a cool tattoo design that would symbolize a strong warrior spirit, I suggest considering the wolf tattoo designs that we have listed here.

What's the bottom line?

These are just a handful of the best wolf tattoo designs that you should consider going for. There are plenty of wolf designs for sure, so don't be afraid to experiment! Comment your favorite design and share this article with your friends!

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26. Zombie Tattoo Design

Zombie Tattoo Design Source

Zombies have made a huge impact on popular culture, and you may want your tattoo design to reflect that. The zombie tattoo design is an ideal choice for you if you want to stand out with your ink. People will get curious about it for sure.

25. Cyborg Wolf Tattoo

Cyborg Wolf Tattoo Source

If you’re aiming for something special and unique with your wolf tattoo design, then maybe you should go for something like a cyborg wolf tattoo. This kind of design will make you stand out since it is very unique.

24. Wolf Thigh Tattoo

Wolf Thigh Tattoo Source

Though not as visible as the other types of tattoo listed here, a ‘Wolf Thigh Tattoo’, gives plenty of space for the artist to work on. More space means more detailed designs.

23. Wolf Sleeve Tattoo

Wolf Sleeve Tattoo Source

The full sleeve design is very popular today. This kind of design starts from the shoulder down to the wrists. Because it’s such a long section, full sleeve designs are usually combinations of different themes merging into one another.

22. Wolf Back Tattoo

Wolf Back Tattoo Source

If you want to give free rein to your imagination when it comes to your wolf tattoo design, then have it placed on your back. This is the favorite spot of many artists since it allows them to create freely.

21. Wolf Forearm Tattoo

Wolf Forearm Tattoo Source

The forearm is another popular part of the body for a tattoo. A design placed on the forearm is readily visible. The only downside of the forearm is that it is narrow. Artists have limited options when creating forearm tattoo designs. 

20. Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

Wolf Shoulder Tattoo Source

Shoulder tattoos are trendy because they allow for large designs that can be very detailed. The shoulder also has fewer ridges that limit the kind of design. If you want a detailed wolf design, consider placing it on your shoulder.

19. Wolf Hand Tattoo

Wolf Hand Tattoo Source

Hand tattoos are for individualists who do not conform to the social norms. Because hand tattoos are always visible, they convey a rebellious streak, and by using a wolf design, it can say a lot more.

18. Wolf Chest Tattoo

Wolf Chest Tattoo Source

Are you looking for a tattoo design that would look good on your chest? You should consider using a wolf design there. Your chest offers plenty of space to create a stunningly detailed design.

17. Wolf’s Head Tattoo

Wolf’s Head Tattoo Source

The wolf’s head tattoo has been a consistently popular tattoo design even before inking became a part of popular culture. People identify with wolves because they are strong and aggressive.

16. Skull and Wolf Tattoo

Skull and Wolf Tattoo Source

Warriors have used the skull and the wolf symbols to convey fearlessness and the understanding of death for hundreds of years. When you combine these two powerful symbols in a single tattoo design, you convey a deep meaning of how you perceive life.

15. Wolf Eyes Tattoo

Wolf Eyes Tattoo Source

A lot of people have written about the distinctive look of the eyes of wolves. These animals have hypnotic and cold eyes. Use them for tattoo designs on the arm that would make you stand out immediately.

14. Wolf Paw Tattoo

Wolf Paw Tattoo Source

If you like something more along the minimalist line of designs, then consider using a wolf paw tattoo. The paw design that you cannot not readily connect with wolves makes the person looking at it wonder for a few seconds about it.

13. Wolf with Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Wolf with Dreamcatcher Tattoo Source

The Native American culture also inspires the Wolf with Dreamcatcher Tattoo design. The wolf and the dreamcatcher are both iconic symbols of a once-powerful civilization, and using them as tattoo designs can say so many things.

12. Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

Watercolor Wolf Tattoo Source

Not all wolf tattoo designs need to be fierce or be about the animals’ strength. A Watercolor Wolf Tattoo can be a very artistic design to express creativity. This tattoo design can also be eye-catching to serve as a conversation piece.

11. Wolf and Moon Tattoo

Wolf and Moon Tattoo Source

Humans have always associated the wolf with the moon, and it creates strong imagery in the mind of people. You can use that for a tattoo design to convey a robust nature and freedom of the spirit.

10. Wolf Pack Tattoo

Wolf Pack Tattoo Source

The wolf pack design is the ideal choice for those looking for a large tattoo design. You can use the pack as a symbol for your love of family and loyalty. Use the pack design on your back, where there is a lot of space.

9. Native American Wolf Tattoo

Native American Wolf Tattoo Source

Native American culture sees the wolf as a very spiritual animal and holds it in a special place. Using a Native American Wolf Tattoo conveys a deep respect for the animal and the culture that holds it in such high esteem.

8. Finger Wolf Tattoo

Finger Wolf Tattoo Source

While others prefer large designs that are very visible, some people like smaller designs that are more discreet. You should consider going for a Finger Wolf Tattoo, which can still be noticeable but in a subtle way. A small tattoo is simple and adheres to a minimalist style.

7. Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Geometric Wolf Tattoo Source

The Geometric Wolf Tattoo is more modern than the other designs on this list. The geometric tattoo style uses straight lines to create the interconnected shapes that have a minimalistic look. Artists can also use the shapes to convey hidden symbols within the geometric shapes used in the design.

6. Lone Wolf Tattoo

Lone Wolf Tattoo Source

The lone wolf is the most popular image conveyed by this animal. Although wolves do move in packs, popular imagination sees them lurking in the shadows on their own. This design is perfect for those who identify themselves with the lonesome characteristics of wolves.

5. Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Source

Tribal tattoo designs became very popular in the past few years, and it is easily recognizable now. Using the tribal template to depict an animal like the wolf results in popular design.

4. Japanese Wolf Tattoo

Japanese Wolf Tattoo Source

It’s interesting to note that wolves have a different reputation in Japanese folklore. The Japanese people perceive wolves to be protective, combine that with the distinctive Japanese style of tattooing, and you get a unique design.

3. Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Celtic Wolf Tattoo Source

The Celts have a strong warrior culture, and they see the wolf as a kindred animal that is worthy of respect. The Celts also have a unique visual design, which makes the Celtic wolf design very striking.

2. Traditional Wolf Tattoo

Traditional Wolf Tattoo Source

If you want to connect with a culture that has a strong affinity with the wolf, then you should go for a traditional wolf tattoo. This kind of design shows the wolf in the way that ancient people saw the animal.

1. Howling Wolf Tattoo

Howling Wolf Tattoo Source

The howling wolf is an iconic image that evokes the sound to anyone who can see it. It’s a simple and yet easily recognizable design. It speaks to anyone who identifies with the wolf strongly.

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