Withings Activité Steel

Most Elegant Sports Watch

Why people love it
  • Great features built into a sleek analog design
  • Durable; stainless steel case and silicone sport strap
  • Stylish and can be worn with formal outfits as well as sports clothing

Elegant, analog watch with digital functionality, durable, fitness tracking features, and compatible with iOS and Android.

Poor sleep tracker performance and inaccurate step counter.


Performance: For those who want a fitness tracking watch that looks as good as it functions, you must give this beauty a try. It's sleek, elegant, and matches any formal outfit or business attire, but has the functionality of a high-tech fitness tracker.

The stainless steel watch case can take a beating, and the silicone strap won't break even with regular use. Some users have complained that the glass scratches easily, while others have used it for years without a scratch. The battery life only lasts up to 8 months, but you'll find it's easy to replace with a cell watch battery when it runs out of juice. Compared to other fitness trackers that require regular charging, it's a much more user-friendly option. It's water resistant up to 50 meters, so it's safe to use for swimming and water sports as well as running, resistance training, and looking awesome!

Features: This watch comes with all the fitness tracking features you could ask for: step counter, sleep tracker, calorie counter, alarm, and more. It's designed to auto-sync with the Activite app on your smartphone, passing all the activity data to the app so you can track your fitness progress. The sleep tracker and step counter aren't the most reliable and the app suffers from a lack of versatility, but overall the watch delivers the fitness tracking features you need.

Price: The watch will run you just over $100—not too high a price to pay considering how elegant it looks. Sure, it's not the best fitness tracker on the market, but it's the perfect combination of functionality and style to make it a good choice for elegant men.

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