Wishing Ball

Most Thoughtful Graduation Gift

Why people love it

  • Beautiful glass ball that permanently stores all their future hopes and wishes 
  • A unique way to give a sentimental gift without being cheesy 
  • Great alternative to art 

Sure, your graduate could run off to the closest fountain and throw a couple pennies in to wish for an awesome apartment with friends, a well-paying job, and an attractive boyfriend/girlfriend to spring up in their life. But why not give them something beautiful and thoughtful they can hold onto and store their new wishes in, now and in the future?

Some people were surprised by how small this is, so be sure to check the specifications before purchasing.


Happiness Factor: Graduating from college can be a scary time, so showing your graduate you’re thinking only of the best for them will mean a lot. 

Practical Applications: This isn’t necessarily a practical gift—especially since you can’t remove the papers containing the wishes after they’re inserted—but it’s still an incredibly thoughtful gesture. It also adds a small touch of beauty to any home. 

Price: It may seem expensive for something the size of a baseball, but this is made from hand-blown glass.

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