We know how it works. You've got a Nest thermostat, a few Philips lights scattered throughout your home and a Dropcam to keep an eye on everything. And that's cool, but the IoT does present a few problems - like the sheer number of apps you need to run from your phone to control everything. Wink knows how you feel too.  See them winking at you in acknowledgement?  Their interface links all these devices (and many more) - and this wall controller allows anyone who's home to control each one (or all of them together).


Wink is an app, so you can use it from your phone (if you prefer), but this wall panel allows the rest of the family to control what's happening when you're not around.  That's helpful.  But, what you need to know about Wink is that it really is smart. It allows you to link a host of smart interfaces to each other. Should the lights go on in the entrance when you unlock the front door? You can create a group for that. Shortcuts allow you to set your mood preferences with a single swipe of your finger (think breakfast time or movie night for a start). This baby links to a host of smart apps and gadgets (that you need to buy separately, of course) and with early successes, you can expect Wink partnerships to continue growing. This touchscreen controller is just what you need to get your smart home working smarter.

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