You know the urge to light some candles as you clear through bottles of wine. This awesome gift makes that completely possible.

  • Set of 4 candles fit easily into the tops of empty bottles for instant decor
  • Each candle measures 3"x1"
  • Candles should burn for 2 hours

Finish a bottle of wine and pop a candle into the top of it. Instant gratification and decor. (Your hangover is your business entirely.) This set comes with 4 candles. You know you would love these in your stocking, right?

What Reviewers Say: 

  • I have been saving empty wine bottles to use as centerpieces at my sons graduation party and found these wine cork candles. Exactly what I was looking for. They are life size and fit perfectly in the bottles.
  • Super cute for the wine enthusiast!
  • These cork candles looks really fine and classy. I love how it looks and how it is very effective as a candle ans cork lock for bottles. The design is very deceiving.

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