Wine and cheese... that's really all you need to have a picnic, right? And this tote is all you need to make that happen.

  • Holds up to 6 Bottles of wine 
  • Zippered compartment holds cheeseboard/knives/bottle opener, plates, utensils
  • Also holds bread, snacks, cheese, fruit

This has to be one of the best ideas of all time. Whether you love wine or getting outdoors, this wine and cheese tote might just transform your life. Well, maybe not, but it still makes a great gift.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I don't drink much, so when I ordered this, I was hoping it would be multipurpose. It truly is. I have a 16 month old grandson that we have a lot and this bag serves as out go to now. It has 6 slots for wine bottles which we use for his puffs snacks and sippy cups. There is a large pocket in front of the wine sections, presumably for the cheese that fits several diapers and a pack of wipes really well.
    We have also used it to go to the spray park. It kept the suntan lotion, drinks, and kid towels upright and apart from each other. Overall, this is an incredibly handy tool. There is room enough for 6 wine bottles, a lot of cheese and fruits, and a tablecloth on the inside. There's also a pocket on the outside for the silverware and plates or whatever else you need. I absolutely love it.
  • As soon as this arrived, my friend at work said “We gotta go to the park after work!” Whe was so excited to see this picnic carrier. We work in downtown Chicago. There are so many events that occur after work. Of course, we like to take wine and food along. This bag is perfect.
  • This tote has room for all the necessities for a picnic, party or
    a romantic trip. It is a very durable and well made red canvas tote that measures 10x10x10 and is going to be strong
    and big enough to carry up to 6 bottles of wine, food, and serving supplies. There is a place for everything.

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