Why people love it

  • Beautiful piece of artwork 
  • Fantastic quality craftsmanship 
  • Unique art that’s sure to stand out 


You’ll need to know what sort of space your graduate has for this painting just so you don’t buy something too small or too large.


Happiness Factor: Artwork can make for a really nice gift if it falls in line with the recipient’s taste. However, this particular piece has nearly 2,000 reviews on Wayfair, and with a 4.8 overall rating it appears that the majority of people love this vibrantly colored painting.

Practical Applications: Some people don’t think about décor after they graduate from college. It’s just a low priority for them. So, if your graduate needs a little help in this department and you want to give their new home an exciting pop of color, this is a cool way to do it.

Price: Depends on how big the canvas is.

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