Winc Wine Club Membership

Best gift for the wine drinker

Why people love it
  • A great way to discover new wines
  • Discounted bottles delivered right to your door
  • Personalized and tailored to your taste

A creative way to give someone wine without having to stress about what kind they like. A gift that keeps on giving, even when Christmas is over. 

The way you purchase this gift can be tricky. You can either buy a gift card or set up the account with your own credit card and cancel when you want the subscription to end. 


Why she'll love it: Wine is a great gift. But it can be tough choosing a bottle for someone else. Any woman who loves her wine is sure to love a wine club membership. And she'll especially love it each month when they arrive at her door. Each month Winc will make new recommendations for her based on her palate profile. She can go with suggestions or choose her own. And, each bottle comes with a recipe card that the wine would pair well with. The best part is, for every ten wines she rates, she'll get $10 in wine credit. 

Price: Winc offers 3 bottle ($39) and 4 bottle ($52) monthly subscription options. So, you can choose the duration and size of your gift. Getting bottles of wine at $13 a piece is a pretty great deal. 

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