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Best Gift for the Girlfriend who Loves Wine

Why people love it
  • Bottles starting at $13
  • Wine for every lifestyle
  • Complimentary delivery

Winc is not able to ship to all states in the US, so check the exclusion list before buying your girlfriend a box or gift card.


Why she'll love it: Reviewers love that Winc takes the guesswork out of selecting a delicious bottle of wine and allows them to try to wines every month. To get started, your girlfriend will simply answer a few questions about her pallet. From there, she'll be taken to a page where she can select how many bottles of red and white she wants in her box (4 bottles include) at which point Winc will recommend 4 bottles based on her taste preferences, giving her the option to edit her box if she so chooses. 

Winc allows you to skip a month or cancel anytime. Overall, it's a great gift for the wine lover in your life that makes wine shopping fun and easy!

Price: Bottles start at $13 and a typically box will cost between $52 and $62. So you can either start with buying her a box or getting her a gift card that will last all year long! Winc also sells pre-selected gift boxes, but those are a bit on the pricier side. We recommend opting for just setting up her subscription and paying for a few boxes or giving her a gift card.

If your girlfriend would prefer her two buck chuck from Trader Joe's, but could really use a new wine bottle opener, maybe look into the Oster Cordless Electronic Wine Bottle Opener.

Or, if she's less into wine and more into fashion, maybe check out one of the subscription clothing boxes from somewhere like Rent the Runway or Trunk Club. Also, we at Faveable are big fans of the Fab, Fit, Fun box as well. So if you want to go the subscription box route, you've got options!

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