To be victorious in any competition, start with the homecourt advantage and only engage when you are in a confident mindset. Never act out of fear.  And, focus wholeheartedly on the ideal outcome, not on yourself. Then act unexpectedly to throw your competitor off of any pattern and give yourself an edge, and always remember to have a plan B (having options allows you to move forward.)


The people who seem to win at everything, aren't always better; just smarter. To increase your odds of winning at any competition follow a few simple guidelines that are proven to help you come out victorious. First of all, always try to get the home court advantage. Competing on your terrain helps you associate a victory and a feeling of power with the recognized and comfortable stimulus. Make sure your mindset is in the right state: Never act out of fear and focus only on the outcome, not on yourself, which will put you in an ideal state. Always have a plan B - Being prepared in such a way allows you to always move forward. Finally, do the unexpected and act without warning. Doing so takes you out of a predictable pattern and throws your competitor off. 

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