Why people love it
  • Super comfortable, versatile, and durable full face snorkel mask
  • Dedicated exhale chamber prevents fogging
  • Mask makes snorkeling easier for even first-time users

 Pricey and you must flush the air regularly to keep it fresh.


Comfort: This mask is built for your comfort, with a soft anti-leak silicone seal around your face that keeps water out and protects your face from mask lines. You won't need to grip a snorkel between your teeth or struggle to breathe ever again!

The built-in snorkel has to be kept above the water, but it comes with a valve that activates in case a wave crashes onto your head or you accidentally dip below the surface of the water. The valve keeps water out of the snorkel and makes breathing super easy.

Durability: The solid construction of this mask makes it one of the top-rated products. While it's not fully shatterproof, it's scratch and shatter-resistant. Plus, the adjustable straps are built of solid rubber, making them both user-friendly and resistant to wear and tear.

Visibility: The 180-degree field of view offered by this mask gives you an unobstructed view of the gorgeous ocean life around you. The glass won't distort your vision, and the breathing chamber will prevent the mask from fogging up as you exhale. Plus, the anti-fog coating will keep your glass clear and highly visible!

Features: The mask comes with a mount for your GoPro camera, so you can capture underwater pictures and video on the go.

Price: At $110, this is the priciest mask on our list, but absolutely the top-rated, longest-lasting choice.

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