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  • Unisex winter socks for you, your partner, your kids, or your best friend to share!
  • Socks stay dry on the inside and outside
  • Warm, soft, and comfortable

These really aren’t ideal if you plan to spend a long day outdoors skiing or snowboarding. These are strictly for anyone who wants to sit on the sidelines—or who simply wants a good pair of socks to shovel the driveway in.


Thickness: Unlike ski and snowboard socks, these winter socks are not bulky at all and will fit inside your regular shoes and boots just fine.

Warming: No problems with keeping your feet toasty in these!

Drying: These socks are actually known for their ventilation properties. So not only do they keep your feet dry from the elements, but they help your feet breathe and stay sweat-free too!

Comfort: Warm, soft, breathable, and cushioned? These are the epitome of comfort.

Padding: Since these weren’t built with the winter sports enthusiast in mind, the only cushioning really built in here is in the arch area.

Price: These are a little more expensive than your typical everyday sock, but they’re still pretty cheap compared with ski and snowboard socks.

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