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Whynter ARC-14SH 14000BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  • Unit works great 
  • Largest room capacity at the price range
  • Quieter than expected 


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This dual-hose portable air conditioner also works as a fan, a dehumidifier, and a heater. A window kit is included and it has an adjustable thermostat. 

It is loud. Some people find it unbearably loud. And, there are those that have felt the need to modify this bad boy to make it work effortlessly for them. 


Designed for larger spaces, this portable air conditioner is also a strong option for apartment dwellers whose landlords refuse to turn on the heat until it’s nippy enough to run out and buy an extra space heater. Of course, it also handles humidity and operates as a fan. Indeed, the dehumidifier is one of the strongest with the ability to process 101 pints per day. But, unless you fit into any of those categories, this isn't the unit for you. 

We appreciate the washable carbon air filter that comes with it – and the ability to set the desired temperature between 61º and 89ºF (as if you need that sort of a range). But, there are a few drawbacks to this puppy. It’s louder than we would like. And, although there are window kits, some users have had to modify this machine to make it work the way they want it to. That said, it’s really rather good at managing extreme heats and low voltages.

Room size: 700 sq.ft.

Power: 14,000 BTU

Maximum airflow: 212 CFM

Single or dual hose: Dual

Fan operation: Yes, 3 speeds.

Dehumidifier: Yes, 101 pints/day.

Noise level: 56 dB

Display: Digital display for precise temperature control

Sleep mode or timer: No specific sleep mode, but there is a 24-hour programmable timer.

Remote: Yes with better than average functionality.

Weight: 80 lbs

Price: The MSRP is $600, but you’ll be able to find it for as low as $450 on Amazon.


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