14k Two Tone White Gold Diamond Ring

Best Designer Engagement Ring For Men

Why people love it
  • A real eye-catcher
  • Diamonds combined with a masculine touch
  • Powerful, sleek design

These are conflict-free diamonds set in a sleek 10k white gold. Can you think of a better way to flaunt your commitment?

This ring can collect dirt and dust easier than the rest of the rings on our list, so regular cleanings are a must to keep this ring gleaming.


Materials: This ring is made from 14 karat white gold with yellow gold accents, and has an impressive setting of white diamonds.

Design: This white gold diamond ring makes a bold statement and is perfect for men who aren't afraid to draw a little attention to themselves. It has simple style, yet shows off some flashy bling in a classy, manly way.

Price: This big ring, has the biggest price tag on our list. But for something that symbolizes a lifelong commitment, you deserve to splurge on a ring you won’t get tired of seeing on your finger.

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