Why people love it
  • Track your pet anywhere via your cell service and GPS
  • Suitable for cats and dogs, both large and small
  • Easy to use, incredibly versatile, and customizable

Tracking info is deleted daily and expect slow notification when the pet leaves the safe zone.


Tracking: This GPS pet tracker uses both GPS and cell service to track your pet anywhere in the world. It's easy to set "safe zones" where the tracker will remain off—conserving battery life—but it will switch on when the pets leave the zones. Though the notification takes a few minutes to arrive (it's not instantaneous), you'll find it's easy to track your pet anywhere in the United States.

The GPS will sent satellite photos with your pet's location, and the cell service will use the cell towers to help narrow down the pet's location.

Features: The pet tracker is sized for large and small pets, so it's suitable for almost all dogs and cats. The tracker will analyze their activity and rest to help you monitor your pet's health, both at home and if they run off. The real-time location service will make it easy for you to track them down no matter how far they stray.

All alerts are sent via the app, but you can add the option of SMS alerts in case your pet leaves the "safe zone". You can work with multiple safe zones (home, dog park, a friend's house, etc.), so you'll be able to let them roam free within your desired boundaries.

Price: At $55, this pet tracker is at the top of its class, and an excellent deal! It's waterproof, very durable, compact, and lightweight enough that it won't bother your pet. All in all, the best of the best.

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