Whirlpool's stainless steel over-the-range microwave has 2.0 cubic feet of cooking space.  It also has an easy clean feature for busy households and a humidity sensor.  That means that you'll get great quality steamed veggies and you'll miss out on all those soggy microwave dinners.


For the price you pay, you would perhaps expect to see a few more features from this Whirlpool microwave.  But what it lacks in features it makes up for in the basics - namely cooking and cleaning.  The steam cooking function is easily the most beneficial, suggesting that this is one of the few microwaves built for people that appreciate healthier meals.  You can ditch the stove top steamer for this microwave and you'll get flaky fish and perfect rice.  Plus, there is a built-in sensor that monitors the humidity level for you.  It will even adjust the cooking time and temperature as needed.  And, then there is the easy-clean capabilities.  This is the first non-stick interior microwave on the market.  If you have a microwave to help you create healthy meals quickly, then this could be the right appliance for you.  

This microwave cooks with 1000 watts of power.  It measures just over 17" high, just under 30" wide and has a depth of 18".

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