This Whirlpool top-loading machine operates its 16 cycles with high-efficiency steam.  It features a tub with 4.8 cubic feet of space and is shown here in chrome shadow. 


This machine is just as wide as it is deep at 27.5" and it's just a tad over 45" high.  It's a top loader, so it's not stackable, but it does offer a number of features and cycles that your standard top-loader just won't.

It's got a whopping 16 cycles, including: Active wear, allergen, bulky/sheets, casual, clean washer, cold wash, deep water soak, delicates, heavy-duty, normal, quick-wash, rinse/drain & spin, sanitary/steam, sheets, towels and whites.  And that's before the lengthy list of options that you can choose, including an allergen and sanitary features.

This washer is ENERGY STAR certified and you can expect to pay between $10 and $16 in electricy consultion to operate it annually.  Plus, it automatically adjusts the water levels to match the capacity of your load - not the tub itself.  And, it does offer noise reduction features too.  

If you're looking for a top loader with great options (such as an Eco Monitor, which lets you keep track of how much energy your top loader washing machine is using) and a bit more efficiency than normal, but you still want a huge tub size, then this is one model that you should consider.  However, the limited 1 year warranty is a bit, well, disappointing.  Still, if you need those allergen options, you should be able to get over that.

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