Why people love it
  • Highly energy and water-efficient; Energy Star certified
  • Great performance at a price to match
  • User-friendly; very reliable

Low price tag, great performance, excellent cleaning, low energy use, efficient drying,  115-minute run time, includes soil sensor feature to adjust water usage and cycle time, stainless steel exterior, front controls, fits up to 14 place settings, and includes high temperature wash.

Noisy, plastic interior, and filter needs to be cleaned regularly.


Performance: You may be paying less for this dishwasher, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting lower quality. The dishwasher delivers excellent wash performance, using a high temperature wash that gives you cleaner dishes, faster drying, and lower risk of bacteria. The four wash cycles (Heavy, 1-hour, Soak & Clean, and Normal) ensure that you can adjust the appliance according to your load and the dirtiness of your dishes.

The average run time is 115 minutes, but the built-in AccuSense soil sensor will adjust the cycle and water usage according to the condition of your dishes. The machine is fully Energy Star certified and will help to drastically reduce energy and water usage.

Features: The triple filtration system will help to dispose of food particles, preventing any need for pre-rinsing your dishes. However, be warned: if you don’t clean the filter, the dishwasher may start to stink.

The machine isn’t particularly quiet (at 55 dbA), and the plastic interior isn’t the most durable or sterile. However, you’ll find the stainless steel exterior can handle a lot of heavy wear and tear without showing damage or scratches. With enough space for 14 place settings, this dishwasher delivers great quality at a price you can love.

Price: $350 for a dishwasher? Yes, please!

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