Wheel Brightz LED Bicycle Light

Best Christmas Gift for Boys that Want to Be Cool

Why people love it
  • Remarkably easy to install
  • Makes riding at night safe
  • Bright and looks awesome!

These wheel lights offer 48 hours of brightly colored LED light. There are eight colors available, plus a morphing option.

Don’t expect the 3 AA batteries to last as long as you want – nor are they included in the price.


We know it will be a little tough for kids in some parts of the country to wait for the weather to clear so they can use these lights on their bikes. But, they’re rad enough – and cheap enough – that you can still tuck them under the tree and expect serious smiles.

The tubing on these LED lights is, of course, waterproof. And, you can choose between eight solid colors or a color morphing option. If your kid really can’t wait to use cool new lights, try these sweet gloves – or this super awesome LED beanie hat.

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