Wendell by The Cordial Churchman

Best Club Round Bow Tie

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Why people love it
  • A rare find
  • Easy to tie 
  • Such a fun print

This is a very casual bow tie so it may not fit a formal look. But if this bow tie appeals to you, most likely, you can pull this style off effortlessly for any occasion. 


Fabric: This bow tie is a vibrant shade of teal, with a brave floral print. It is made from 100% cotton fabric, that is comfortable on even hot summer days. 

Shape: The club round bow tie shape is the most elusive of all bow tie variations. The Wendell is a rare find with a quirky charm that gets attention. You can get this print in any shape you wish but the club round fits the fabric so well. 

Type: Like all of the custom bow ties from The Cordial Churchman, you can get this bow tie in either self-tie or pre-tied styles. 

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