Best Outdoor Inflatable Couch

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger
  • Holds air for at least 5 to 6 hours
  • Suitable for multiple terrains
  • Great for traveling
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Floats in water, so you can use it at the beach or in a pool. Durable design withstands the potentially damaging effects of tough terrains and energetic kids.

There’s no back, so it’s more of a lounger than a sofa.


Design: This inflatable lounger is built to survive frequent use, whether you take it on family camping trips or regularly attend local music festivals. It gets its resiliency from 100% 210T rip-stop polyester, so you can take it nearly anywhere. The long-lasting material won’t melt in the sun or succumb to the attacks of bugs, so it’s perfect for outdoor use.

Surprisingly, this inflatable lounger holds nearly as much weight as the Intex sectional. The company claims it supports up to 550 to 650 pounds, but we recommend sticking with the lower end of that range.

This WEKAPO lounger comes in several eye-catching colors, including purple, green, and blue. Each lounger includes a stake and a bottle opener.

Comfort: Super comfy as long as you don’t mind lounging. Sitting upright can get uncomfortable if you require tons of back support; if not, you’ll be fine.

Ease of Use: WEKAPO warns that new users should thoroughly review the instructions that come with this inflatable lounger and then carefully attempt to fill it with air. It’s difficult at first, but it gets easier each time you do it.

This is a double-chamber lounger, so you have to fill each chamber with air. You do this by shaking each chamber up and down until it’s full of air, then buckling the chambers together.

Price: Around $40, which is great for a hiqh-quality lounger like the WEKAPO.


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