WEKAPO Inflatable Air Lounger

Best Inflatable Air Hammock

Why people love it
  • A quick and easy seating choice
  • Lounge in hammock-style comfort all day long
  • Never need a sleeping bag again

Super easy to inflate, very comfortable, pillow-shaped headrest, anti-deflation technology, carrying bag included, stakes keep it grounded even in high winds, and bottle opener included.

Noisy when you move around, and prone to leaks.


Style: This comes in an “air hammock” style, which is the fancy term for two joined air cushions that provide you a comfortable place to sit in the middle.

Thanks to its unique method of filling (whisking it through the air to fill the cushions), it’s a quick and easy solution for outdoor, poolside, and seaside seating.

Materials: The air hammock is made out of 210 T rip stop polyester, with the synthetic fibers woven together to reduce the risk of punctures or leaks.

Durability: The polyester material is fairly durable, though some users have reported leaks from the joints and around the valve. The good news is that the seat has a weight capacity of up to 650 pounds, so heavier users won’t have to worry about it popping.

Comfort: Think about how comfortable you are in a hanging hammock, and that’s pretty much what this feels like! The two cushions provide comfortable seating, and the added headrest will cushion your neck as you lay back.

It’s designed to store air for up to 6 hours, so you’ve got all-day comfort for your picnic, camping trip, or day at the beach.

Price: $34 is a pretty decent price to pay for this air hammock, which delivers highly convenient and comfortable seating that you can take anywhere you go.

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