Why people love it
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to track weight, BMI, body fat, and other metrics
  • Works well with fitness tracker apps and devices, such as: FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple's Health app
  • Beautifully designed and compact enough to fit in any bathroom

Setup directions are incomplete



This is one very accurate and consistent body weight measuring device, delivering precise bodyweight measurements to within 0.2 pounds. It's designed to automatically calibrate when you step on, and will shut off once you step off the scale. It tracks Weight, Body Fat, Bone Mass, Lean Mass, and Water Weight. The "Auto User Detect" feature will access your "User Profile", and in-built memory supports up to 8 users. Though the instruction manuals are missing a step, the setup is easy to complete. Once you turn it on and connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone, you're ready to get weighing.


The connectivity features is what makes this one a winner! It's compatible with any smartphone (Android or iOS). Once connected, it will stream the results of your weigh-in to your smartphone, where it can sync with your Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, or the proprietary app that comes with the scale. For those with newer Android devices, the Greater Goods website has information on how to resolve any connectivity issues. It will automatically connect with your phone whenever it's turned on, uploading your fitness data as you weigh yourself.


Considering that it costs $60, this is a pricey body weight scale. However, for those who use fitness tracking apps, it's a worthwhile investment. The in-buiilt software will automatically upload the information to the fitness tracker, helping you stay on top of your weight loss/fat burning. With a 5-year warranty, you know it's guaranteed to last.

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