We-Vibe Touch

Best Clit Vibrator

Why people love it
  • Get off in minutes
  • Variety of settings so you can mix it up every time
  • Use while solo or during sex

This vibrator is awesome in every way. Orgasms come very quickly (and over and over and over again). It’s waterproof. It’s discreet. And you can use it alone or for some extra assistance during sex.

The charger on this one isn’t great, so keep an eye on it potentially disconnecting and leaving you stranded.


Noise Level: This one’s very quiet.

Stimulation: It goes right against your clit.

Strength: There are a good variety of settings here, so you can always find something you like.

Special Features: Waterproof. Battery lasts a long time. Lots of settings.

Price: This is a little expensive, though not if you consider it a long-term investment.

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