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Best Bullet Vibrator

Why people love it
  • Better than other bullets
  • Nearly silent
  • Small vibrator that Marie Claire says “packs a punch

Want something powerful that fits in the palm of your hand? You’re most likely in need of a bullet vibrator then, and this one is said to beat out all the others.

Charging of this one can be a bit difficult. Either the charge doesn’t hold or it’s difficult to keep it charging, so keep an eye on that.


Noise Level: Of all the vibrators on this list, this is probably the closest you’ll get to noiseless.

Stimulation: Inside or outside stimulation.

Strength: This bullet is one of the stronger vibrators, perhaps second only to the classic Hitachi vibrator.

Special Features: Rechargeable. Waterproof. And (almost) noiseless.

Price: There isn’t much to this little guy, so don’t expect to pay too much either.

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